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Aquí es donde están los detalles actualizados de cómo localizarme en cada momento. También es un agregador de la información básica sobre mí y los principales proyectos en los que estoy involucrado.

This is where you can find always-updated contact info and what I'm up to, or where I am. It's also an aggregator of my basic info and the main projects I'm involved in.

Short bio: José Miguel Guardia has a two-decade experience in online media, technology, and internet businesses as executive, consultant, and entrepreneur. He's the founder of Austin, Texas-based TMR Productions LLC. Until November 2008, Jose was Supervising Editor for Los Angeles-based PJ Media (formerly known as Pajamas Media). Throughout his career he has worked, advised, invested, and consulted for a wide range of organizations of all sizes.

For the last decade, he's also written and commented on political, economic, technologic, and cultural topics on his widely-read blog, Barcepundit,  with editions in both English and Spanish.

He has written, contributed, been interviewed, or quoted on both the tech industry and current events at The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The Industry Standard, PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Creating Wealth magazine, Bloomberg TV, Actualidad Económica, La Vanguardia, Radio Intereconomía's 'Cierre de Mercados' (an equivalent to CNBC's Closing Bell), El Periódico de Catalunya, Avui, Baquí, as well in several other print, online, and audiovisual media in the U.S., Spain, and internationally.

José Guardia holds a J.D. from Barcelona University, and has studied several post-graduate courses on marketing, finance and management. He now has Barcelona as his home base, though it might be more accurate to say that he lives in cyberspace...

Email: jm -at- guardia -dot- name

Direct Phone - Los Angeles: (+1) 213-814-0717

Direct Phone - Barcelona: (+34) 93-393-8153

AIM: jmguardia

Skype: jm.guardia

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